• 05/19/2015 5:04 PM | Anonymous

    Both our pool contractor and our Swim Atlanta pool representative have assured me we will be open this weekend.  We will confirm on Thursday after the county inspection.

    The different crews made great progress today after the unexpected wash out yesterday.  We still have some landscaping stuff left and finish up a new paint job on the pavilion in the morning.  We will have water flowing shortly and hopefully have a full main pool this time tomorrow.  Looking forward to a great weekend.

    Regards, Tom

  • 05/19/2015 1:26 PM | Anonymous

    Hi Mountaire Pool Members,

    One of my favorite things about the Mountaire Pool is our Thursday Night Dinners.  Everyone has a chance to share a meal, table and great conversation with new and old friends. 

    Please consider grabbing a friend and hosting a Thursday Night Dinner!

    It’s simple and fun!  In the past we’ve had lots of variety, from ordering BBQ, fried chicken or pizza to grilling burgers/chicken or a homemade Mexican fiesta.  Feel free to be creative.

    • 1.     Grab a friend (and host together)
    • 2.     Pick a date
    • 3.     Pick a food theme
    • 4.     I do the RSVP’s
    • 5.     You order the food (or grill)
    • 6.     You host the dinner
    • 7.     Pool treasurer reimburses your costs (within budget)

    To sign-up to host a dinner visit: 

    Questions?  Contact Miriam at

    I look forward to seeing you at the pool!


    Miriam Ryan

  • 05/06/2015 10:00 PM | Anonymous

    We are finally pouring concrete for the deck around the main pool and you can really start to see the finished product.  We have had to make some scope and schedule changes to give us the best chance of being open for Memorial Day weekend. 

    The first big decision we mentioned in the last update was removing the old wall along the creek.  We will have a new wall going in that will be more functional and aesthetically pleasing.  The function comes from the footer for the wall that doubles a storm water protection system.  We will let your own eyes figure out the aesthetics .... Hint it's not a painted block wall.  This did put a damper on some of the other things we planned, but we feel was the right long term decision.  We are still within the member approved budget, but will need to dip into our normal cash reserve to finish the project.  

    The next decision was even more difficult to make.  We have decided to move the construction of the new arbor to the end of the summer.  By starting the project now, we just could not get a high enough probability the work would be done in time for Memorial Day weekend.  The clear majority of the board opted to give us the best shot at opening the pool as soon as we could versus having the arbor finished.  

    So the big questions are when will we open and when can swim team practice start with those new starting platforms.  We will get swim team into the pool as soon as we have our Fulton county health inspection.  We still do not have a firm date, but the weather the next two weeks looks great.  Our target date is still May 15th.  If inspection is approved that morning, we will have the swim team in the pool that afternoon and be open to all members the 16th/17th.  If the inspection falls into the next week, same story for the swim team, the afternoon of a approved inspection.  We will then try to open after school on May 22nd from 4:00 to 8:00 and have a full operating schedule Memorial Day weekend.  Swim team will be practicing at a sister pool while awaiting the opening of Mountaire.  Details later this week.

    Anyone that has managed through a home remodeling project should appreciate the time and effort to manage through this project.  Just double the fun as a volunteer board member.  Having to replace the storm pipe just put us so far off schedule we had to just manage through it.  Our investment is already paying off with an increase in membership.  We would love to add a few more members to get us back to full strength and a waiting list  If you have new neighbors, have them join us this summer.

    Although we are not done without the new arbor, we sincerely hope you enjoy the new Mountaire this summer. 


  • 04/28/2015 9:43 PM | Anonymous

    Our current contract with Swim Atlanta has opening day set the Saturday before Memorial Day weekend and closed on school days.  We will try our best to be open on Saturday May 16 and Sunday May 17.  It will be a wait and see over the next two weeks, probably about a 50/50 chance.  If we are not able to open that weekend, the next day would be Friday May 24 after school.  We really appreciate your patience on the construction delays.  We are looking forward to having a greatly improved facility for every one to enjoy by months end.

  • 04/27/2015 9:00 PM | Anonymous

    Our contractor is doing a great job with all the rain we have had.  As soon as the rain had stopped Saturday, they were back at it installing forms and laying the gravel base for the concrete deck pour.   They have 75% of the new drain system set in concrete with hopes of pouring most of the main deck by Thursday.  We still need a bit of good luck to meet our target of being done on May 15th.

    The board did need to make a scope change.  We decided it was in our best interest to remove the block wall along the wading pool and replace it with a new footer and wall.  Once the sub-contractor showed up on site and started taking elevations, he was very concerned about pouring the deck so high on the old wall.  In order to fund this, the board has decided not replace the sitting wall in the entryway and decided not to build a new sitting wall outside the entry.  We are still working on a final design for deck along rock wall near entry.

  • 03/15/2015 9:30 PM | Anonymous

    We finally have our permit from the City of Sandy Springs for replacing the storm pipe.  We hope to be digging early next week.  At this point, our pool contractor is informing us he will not be done until May 15th.  We are trying to push for a completion date of May 1 in order for the swim team to start practice by May 11th.  The swim team folks are making contingency plans, in case we are not ready by the time swim team practice starts.

    Please keep in mind this is a construction schedule estimate and we are dependent on the weather and other factors.   Even the May15th date might slip.  The storm pipe replacement has slowed us down and we try to make every attempt to open your new pool as early as possible.  We will try to get an update out every 2-3 weeks on progress.

    You should have received an invoice for these years’ membership dues.  Please ensure your payment is mailed in before March 30th to avoid any late fees.  New membership request are up this year.  If you have new neighbors, make sure they know what a great place Mountaire is.  Have them join us while we still have memberships available.

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